Services of free software

In Craftsmen we often used applications of free software to provide solutions to the needs of our clients. This offers some important advantages for the client, as it can more be a fit cost of the development, major support capacity and€¦

Reflections post seminary

We yesterday realised a chat on social networks in Palm, organized by Joves Empresaris. The circumstance that occurred that same day in different spaces they were realised another type of chats or seminaries realacionados with the subject. When finalizing the chat talking€¦

First Seminary 100% Company

As we already commented some ago days this year we collaborated with the association Joves Empresaris de Balears distributing a series of seminaries. The next one to celebrate is Thursday day 13 of May and its title is: €œQUˆ HI FA THE MEVA COMPANY TO THEM XARXES SOCIALS? €, and€¦