On Days Education 2.0

The past Saturday day 19 of November 1ª was celebrated Day of Education 2,0, that as already we commented was organized by B¡rcena Formation and where we had the opportunity to collaborate developing the webpage of the event. We went Saturday to the majority of€¦

1ª Day of Education 2.0

This Saturday day 19 of November 1ª is celebrated Day of Education 2,0, organized by B¡rcena Formation, the accomplishment of this Day arises from the necessity that at the moment exists to know the change that is being lived within the classrooms. La Jornada is of€¦

We repeat Formative Capsule

We repeat collaboration with the IMFOF distributing a Formative Capsule, initiative that takes to several months developing in Palm with success and affluence of public enough. Due to the success of our previous chat, we repeated with search engine optimization (SEO),€¦