Useful connections on gratuitous tools of Google

The past day 17 of May, day of Internet, we were invited by Palma Activa to realise a chat on gratuitous tools of google, and their use in company. They were more than 70 people, who made us spend a good short while doing many questions and showing€¦

Gratuitous tools Google

Next the 17 of May and agreeing with the celebration of D­a de Internet we return to realise a formative capsule through PalmaActiva, Ag¨ncia de Local Desenvolupament. This time the chosen subject and that it gives to the title to it chats is: Gratuitous tools of€¦

Factory SEO and SMO. Menorca

Listening to your clients? Within our agreement of collaboration with Exit Formation next 18 and 19 of May we realised in Menorca a factory on titled SEO and SMO: Factory TIC: Social networks and positioning Web Listening to your clients? With the same€¦