Design Web WordPress

Wordpress is much more that a manager of contents
We love WordPress from 2006

Development Web with WordPress in Majorca

We work with WordPress from the 2006, for many reasons:


It allows them to grow and to adopt new functionalities of simple and economic form.


By means of plugins it is possible to incorporate all type of new characteristics and new functions, related to ecommerce, attention to the client, marketing, security,€¦

Satisfied clients

In Craftsmen we do not take €œprisoners€.
To salary thousands of developers that work with WordPress, you have the guarantee of which you will be able to continue your project with other companies of development Web, without problems.


WordPress is a system in constant evolution. Periodic updates are realised in matters of security, usability and new functionalities.

Design responsive

Pages that adapt to all the devices: mobiles, tablets, portable, writing-desk, etc. 70% of the visits are realised from mobiles, for that reason we applied to design mobile-first.


We construct to the webpages considering its positioning from the first moment. We design according to the standards indicated by Google, so that its business can compete in its segment of market.

Also we offer maintenance service to you wordpress to your measurement.

It asks for more information

Visual publisher

You can publish the contents of your Web in real time on your page, obtaining the results at the moment.

To undo, to remake and revisions.

Always there is option to return back, the system keeps the modifications that are become, and is very easy to recover in case of error.

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