Guide of positioning of GoogleFrom Google our webpages worry much about us and, so that they are of good quality and useful for our visitors; obvious, to Google it interests this to him because they make money through the publicity of all our traffic jeje but thanks to its efforts, we are victims of €œbenefits collaterals€ helping to show better our contents us the rest of the world.

In fact what it indicates in this guide is not no newness, they take to years remembering a series of basic recommendations, but never is of making a revision more and verifying that we are doing it well.
As always, the main idea is very clear and simple: the content is most important. If in addition we worried that our page well is constructed, with a clear navigation, a suitable design and a correct code, we will be buddies of Google for always 🙂

You can be unloaded the guide from the following connection: Guide of positioning of Google (Spanish)