The next Tuesday 22 of October of 16:00 to 20:00 h, an encounter of WordPress Majorca will take place, in which Craftsmen will participate, and will take place in €œespai22 €³ of PalmaActiva.


This it will be the content of the day:

1) WP Plugins 101

FORMAT: Round table
OBJECTIVE: That it is a Plugin? , As they are used? , Premium Plugins, Free, Free-mium & To size. Functionality Theme or Plugin. Security, Recommendations and Precautions.

RAPPORTEURS: Alberto Collazo, Gabriel P©rez, Sylvia Ordinas
MODERATOR: Pancho P©rez

2) TO SELL ONLINE, everything what you need to know

FORMAT: Round table
OBJECTIVE: To explain all the process to be able to sell online and what one is due to take into account. ex: Agreement use TPV with the bank, Paypal, Stripe, Plugins (woocommerce), physical product Sale electronic, Shipments, Post sale, Products, Currency Invoicing, Change, etc.


Alberto Collazo (
Elisa Autret (the Caixa) Depto. of Bank Particular and Person in charge of the Area of Commerces.
Melchor de Palau i Great Rovira Responsable Accounts of Deals GlobalPayments (Company of the elentr³nico commerce of the Caixa)
Alexander of the Field ( Fiscality.
Vicens Vaquer (Tourline Express) Shipments
Jesus Cort©s ( proprietor.
MODERATOR: Pancho P©rez


FORMAT: Team work.
OBJECTIVE: to select plugins but the recommended and best recommended practices, as much at level code as contained. SEO versus Social Average?

MODERATOR: Jesus Cort©s.


When and Where?

Tuesday 22 of October of 16:00 to 20:00 hr in €œespai22 €³ of PalmaActiva.

In order to attend aim to you through Amiando


C/ Socorrs 2207002 PalmaEspa±a