Usually it is a very habitual question, €œWhat tools I need to manage the presence in social networks of my company€

Each case can have very different needs, but I summarize some of the tools here (gratuitous or almost) that more ground to use and to advise for small projects.

Web Apps

SocialBro (gratuitous in its version of extension for Chrome)
It allows to analyze accounts of Twitter, to see new followers, unfollows, the inactive, most influential followers, etc, and it even makes a small study of the best hour to twittear according to the habits of ours followers. In the gratuitous version he is a little limited, but also it allows search users by key words in saw it and other variables.

Reader online of RSS, also has app for mobiles. He is the successor of Google Reader, and he allows us to organize in categories and labels our sources of intelligence.

Very complete tool that allows to form and to administer of centralized form several accounts us of social networks as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Linkedin (nonInstagram)

One of the functions that more use is the possibility of programming messages, so that the wished day and hour are published automatically in.

It connects services to each other. For example, an entrance of automatic form in a blog can be created if a certain photo rises instagram with hashtag. Or to update the transformation of twitter automatically if to change in facebook. To put two examples. They very exist €œprescription€ multitude already created utilies.

Not only it serves for the management of the presence in social networks, but it seems to me a very good tool to store notes in the cloud. It allows to have all the notes organized in notebooks, to share notes, to add photos, screenshots, etc. and all synchronous one between devices.

Friendorfollow for Instagram
Typical tool to control to who you follow in Instagram, that follows to you but your not, and that it does not follow to you.

Application also oriented to Instagram. It allows to see of much more comfortable form hashtags and users, and to even obtain certain statistics. Also he is useful to make RePost (as the RT of Instagram).


Apps movable

All the previous ones have specific his app for the mobile, but there are more recommendable and useful applications in the tasks of management of exclusive social networks for movable devices.

Tweetbot (only iOs €“ about 4.49 Euros)
Best app to manage Twitter. Especially useful in its management of more than an account of Twitter and in the use of lists. It allows you to form a list as your timeline by defect, or to make search by keyword near your position.

Flipboard (Android/iOs)
Reader of multiple sources in format magazine. I use it mainly to follow some lists that I have created in Twitter of a more visual and nice form.