In year 2006 we sent the Cafeymas webpage, initially as a blog of recommendation of cafeterias in Majorca, as platform to present the corporative blogs as tool communication of the companies. In all this time, we have proven many coffees, and the webpage has evolved of blog, to application Web, with many functionalities: search outpost, geolocalizaci³n, specific adaptation to mobiles, version in English, etc.

Of our entailment to the world of the coffee, we are in favor in touch with many of the managers of the best cafeterias of the island, and for that reason we did not want to stop contributing our granite of sand (or coffee) to the event Latte Art Throwdown.

We sponsor the event Latte Art Throwdown Diciembre 2018 Majorca

Organized by Caf¨ Riutort and Cafeymas, and with the sponsorship of Rapha, Coffee Mistral, Coinga, Joaqu­n Amespil, Aina €œCapdefada€, Oatly and we ourself.

In addition to collaborating with the creation of the Web of the event, communication and impression of promotional material, also we left this article you as extra, with some advice to improve the presence online of cafeterias. Although many of these advice can also be applied to other types of related businesses, as bars or restaurants.

How it has to be the perfect Web of a cafeteria?

    • To show always hour and special dates. To emphasize the special thing (events, new features, etc).
    • To communicate what emphasizes: traveling pinwheel, types of coffee, food types, if they come from local markets, etc.
    • Profiles of the workers.
      The baristas and workers of the cafeteria are the one who mark the difference, that notices. To add a small presentation of the same, as a mini interview, as is their tastes, hobbies, music, favorite coffee,€¦
    • To communicate activities: contests, activities of district or the neighbor, €œfights of gratuities€
    • Gallery of clients: to show a section where the own clients can raise their profile, would make empatizar with the customer who is wanted to obtain in the cafeteria.
    • Photos: of EVERYTHING. Interior, terrace if there is it, presentation of plates, details of decoration. To count because of the things.
    • To facilitate contact. To indicate why via or contact routes it will be answered (fast). Even if it is only by a way, but to show interest with the resources available.
    • To indicate the options clearly:
      • Reserve?
      • Take Away?
      • Go can groups? Maximums, minimums.
      • Young? It is counted on changer?
      • Are the animal welcomes?
      • There is terrace?
    • To communicate the profile of your cafeteria, if it is an informal place, young, calm, classic, of vanguard, etc.
    • Spotify of the place. If music defines to you, comp¡rtela.
    • How to arrive, map. Public transport, car park, bike, on foot.
    • The languages in which it is taken care of.
    • Cross-selling. To show if related articles are sold, as utensils to make coffee at home, local guides, books, crafts,€¦
    • If the cafeteria already has grown and they are counted on several locations, to clearly show the directions of each, their schedules, holidays, etc. a good example is the Web of Grind.

working in cafeterias

For us he is habitual to go to cafeterias to work or to reunite to us with clients.

Advice for cafeterias in Instagram

  • If he answers himself by this means, to indicate it.
  • He saw: Schedule and next special dates. Also if there is a special event in march.
  • To always lean in the webpage, to extend the information shown in the account of instagram in the website of the cafeteria.
  • To publish photos in timeline of: the workers, activities, details of the interior, plates of the letter, their presentation, details on the used ingredients and their origin, photos of clients (Rt's), peculiar activities of the district or anecdotes, promotions, meal of the day, traveling coffee, explanations for example of how latte becomes art, special coffee of filter, etc., schedules and vacation,€¦

Presence on Facebook for cafeterias

  • Facebook offers many tools in the corporative pages for businesses. To take advantage of them all, contributing all the information asked for, on description of the place, offered services, location, update of schedules, photographies, events, videos, and a very long etc.
  • In addition, it is necessary to count on an own page of the establishment in facebook, so that in Instagram it appears our tie location to the account.
  • And also it has advantages at the time of creating campaigns of announcements in this platform.
  • If it is answered by this means, to indicate it, and to secure the standard when answering everybody and of fast form.
  • The pages of facebook allow to write in more of a language, adapting to the language of the reader.
  • To connect with the Web publications whenever it is possible.
  • To maintain the galleries of up-to-date photos.
  • To deliver an attack in securing to recommendations and opinions. To remember it to the habitual clients.


Another fundamental tool is Google My Business, but that will occupy another article.

And good, these are some advice to consider, not everything what there is to do, but some interesting points 😉

If you have some doubt, you are interested in creating the webpage for your cafeteria, bar or restaurant, or to improve the one that already you have, you contact with us and we took a coffee 😉