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We send to service of support and maintenance for WordPress

We take working with the CMS, manager of contents Web Wordpress from year 2006, and since then we have developed to many projects of design Web with this platform. Making the account they leave to me more than 30 and I believe that I leave some€¦ We have chosen Wordpress€¦

Statistical on bloggers in Majorca

This Friday 30 of November 2012 an encounter of bloggers of Majorca takes place, in which I participate and I help in the organization. I have extracted some statistical data to know better the profile the bloggero that attends this event, and this it is the most common profile: €¦

Experiments A/B in your store online with Magento

The analytical Web is fundamental for any project Web, but in addition your business is a store online, ecommerce, then already it becomes a fundamental pillar of your daily management. A tool not very used in the SMEs that I know with stores€¦

In ecommerce the planning is vital

Good, in fact, as regards the business, the planning is vital. Every time we move in more competitive surroundings, and is necessary to be very agile and fast, and so there is to know very clearly all the procedures, and to plan to the maximum in€¦

Advice so that your page reaches its objectives

Eye that the title of this article goes with trap, since meciono the word €œobjectives€€¦ and well, you know clearly the objectives of your page? In many many occasions we are ourselves seated with the client, whom it asks for to develop a webpage to us, and when asking to him€¦

What I have learned creating my own store online

Ever since I began to work developing webpages had atrhelpo to me to sell in Internet, it seems to me a beautiful mixture of the virtual world and the physicist, botiguer online, that dispatches to clients from its Web, precious 🙂 Llevaba time thinking it, and this summer me€¦

Advice for bars, restaurants and cafeterias in Internet

From one of our personal projects,, we have realised an article with some useful advice for cafeterias, bars or restaurants, to improve its presence in Internet, and to help them to generate new clients through this channel. We hope that€¦

Content chats Electronic Commerce

Again we collaborated with PalmaActiva realising a new Formative Capsule to companies and entrepreneurs. This time on Electronic Commerce, a subject that I catch the attention of more than 55 registered and that had a participation discharge. By the shown interest, we left you€¦

Advice for email campaigns marketing in Christmas

The Christmas age usually is a little while very imporante of the year for many commerces and businesses, since a great percentage is concentrated in a few days of the total sales of the year, for this reason, it is important to use as well as possible our tools of marketing stops€¦