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2º Seminary 100% Company

We return to collaborate with the Association Joves Empresaris being distributed a new seminary, is time on electronic Commerce.

Listening to your clients?

In order to begin to listen, the social networks are the suitable place where the businessman can take the pulse from his clients.

A case of success

Documentary €œthe monsters of my house€ have become a case of success in Internet by own merits, a correct use of the social networks have given maximum diffusion to the project.

We speak on social networks

The magazine Great Company in its number 100 publishes an article that we have realised on the social networks titled listening to your clients?

New section of FAQ

We have realised a compilation of the questions that are repeated frequently in our meetings with clients, of the most habitual doubts as far as the process of development of a Web, the points that are included, etc. We hoped that they are to you of utility stops€¦

To listen is an attitude

Before €œera Internet€, knowledge which loved our clients was much more difficult. With a street business on foot, you could deduce the success of a product or campaign following the interest that provoked the showcase, for example; by the number of people who€¦

Search engine optimization is not a magic trick

In the subject of search engine optimization, many myths and legend - totally erroneous exist on their operation: In the positioning there are two fundamental variables: content of quality, and external liaisons. He is not something that only can realise€¦

The operation of the Google finder, explained by Google

I confess it, I am fanboy of Google 🙂 I cannot avoid to move whenever they remove a newness to me, as recent Google TV or the continuous improvements that realise in services as Gmail or Google Docs. But still being fan, attempt not to lose - the objectivity much, and€¦

Services of free software

In Craftsmen we often used applications of free software to provide solutions to the needs of our clients. This offers some important advantages for the client, as it can more be a fit cost of the development, major support capacity and€¦