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1ª Day of Education 2.0

This Saturday day 19 of November 1ª is celebrated Day of Education 2,0, organized by B¡rcena Formation, the accomplishment of this Day arises from the necessity that at the moment exists to know the change that is being lived within the classrooms. La Jornada is of€¦

We repeat Formative Capsule

We repeat collaboration with the IMFOF distributing a Formative Capsule, initiative that takes to several months developing in Palm with success and affluence of public enough.

It interviews for IMFOF €“ Creat Palma

From the IMFOF/CreatPalma they have published an interview that realised to us in Craftsmen. We left the connection here you in case Descargar is from your interest 🙂 >> interviews (PDF)

More information SEO in Google Analytics

In Google Analytics, the popular service of statistics of google, has sent a newness, very practical and beneficial to measure the yield of our Web. They have added specific information on optimization in finders in one of the information that are offered€¦

Course of social networks and positioning Web

In a new collaboration with Barcena Formation, from educational Craftsmen we will comprise as of the €œCourse of Social Networks and Positioning Web for companies and independent€, framed within the Plan It advances. It will take place from the 17 to the 28 of October 31 of October to the 11 of€¦

It learns to create your own webpage

In collaboration with the Barcena Academy, from Craftsmen we are going to distribute a formation in the system of management of Wordpress contents of 8 hours.


Help to have presence in Internet, including the elaboration of webpage and portals of company.

DES G¼ell to Lluc to peu 2011

This year we have signed an agreement of collaboration with the Grup G¼ell to recover the Web

Technological chat in the radio

Saturday 23 of July we were invited by Benjam­, the driver of the program of radio €œMajorca in Xarxa€ of Ona Mallorca, to partircipar in one of its chats on technology. We speak on the action of the companies in social networks, the positioning, and€¦