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Content chats Google Analytics

PalmaActiva celebrates 2 years of successful trajectory of its Formative Capsules for companies and entrepreneurs and have done it with us, offering the opportunity to give a new chat us, is time the chosen subject could be barren:  the analytical Web, but has to us€¦

Google presents €œPhotos of businesses€

Google finishes presenting an extension of its well-known Google Maps service and Street View, in which it directly jumps to the interior of the businesses showing panoramic images, as a authentic virtual visits, of the businesses on the inside. This has€¦

Promotions €œ2—1€ with Magento

One of strength of the platform of electronic commerce Magento, is the capacity to generate commercial supplies, as hariamos in a traditional commerce in the real world. Promotions as discount by vol., coupons discount, 2x1,€¦ are possible€¦

Crisis? Please, IT INNOVATES

Now more than ever we have a capacity to innovate infinite and exist tools that allow it to a cost that before was unthinkable.

You have curiosity to sell online? Do it with the best system

We invite to all the interested, to which they have curiosity to sell in Internet, to a gratuitous demonstration without commitment, of the system of electronic commerce Magento. We will realise a brief session of demonstration, of about 40 minutes of duration, stops€¦

Help to create my Web

They have left the new help the Plan within the framework Advances 2 for the accomplishment of projects and actions of the Strategic operation of Telecommunications and Society of the Information, consequently are perfectly applicable to the development of webpages, supposing a good moment to realise an investment of these characteristics.

To form Azul de Correos Package in Magento 1.7

In Craftsmen, we frequently used Magento for the projects of store online or ecommerce, by many reasons, but essentially because it is an Open Source system, and because perfectly it is oriented to optimize the sales. In this system, it exists€¦