New help for companies

The Conselleria of Commerce, Industry and Energy summons help for the companies of the sector commerce and services with the aim of offering a better service to the client and to improve the management of the establishment. These help looks for that we are more competitive,€¦

Formative capsules IMFOF

The next Thursday day 13 of January Craftsmen will distribute the next Formative Capsule of the Imfof. These formative capsules are chats in groups reduced on subjects of interest for the entrepreneurs and small businessmen. The title that we have chosen for is new€¦

Feliz Navidad and Feliz 2011

From Creators we want to wish some to you happy celebrations and a prosperous New Year, and to as always be thankful for the confidence that a year you have deposited more in us.

New seminary 100% company

We continue our collaboration with Joves Empresaris distributing the continuation of the previous seminary that also spoke on electronic Commerce. If the vision that we gave in the previous chat turned surroundings to the advantages to have a store online, the session€¦

2º Seminary 100% Company

We return to collaborate with the Association Joves Empresaris being distributed a new seminary, is time on electronic Commerce. The present situation demands new forms to arrive at our clients, the electronic commerce in Majorca and of course, in the rest of€¦

Listening to your clients?

Article published for the magazine Great Nº100 Company, September 2010 Before €œera Internet €œ, knowledge which loved our clients was much more difficult. With a street business on foot, you could deduce the success of a product or campaign following the interest that€¦