Factory SEO and SMO. Menorca

Listening to your clients? Within our agreement of collaboration with Exit Formation next 18 and 19 of May we realised in Menorca a factory on titled SEO and SMO: Factory TIC: Social networks and positioning Web Listening to your clients? With the same€¦

Collaboration with Exit Formation

Recently we have signed an agreement of collaboration with Exit Formation to realise several courses related to the new technologies in Menorca.  The main purpose of this company is the organization and teaching of formative actions as much in€¦


Faithfuls to our annual appointment we have gone to one of the more important events of design of Spain, the MadinSpain, airborne magnetic detection 2012 is an event organized by the community of designers more important of called Spain Domestika that agglutinates around 60 thousands€¦

Unique window Professional Schools

In 2009 the call was approved Law Omnibus that supposed the modification of several state laws that affected areas among others, to the professional schools, and whose main objective was to eliminate bureaucratic ties of the sector services. The law establishes€¦

Positioning, magic and Palma Activa

With the title €œthe POSITIONING of your Web is not magic thing€ we return to collaborate in the Formative Capsules organized by Palma Activa, it is not the first chat that we realised with this title and due to the success of the previous ones they have asked to us to repeat€¦.

Guide of statistics of Facebook

Pdf published by the same facebook destined to the proprietors of pages of facebook (nonprofiles), to understand better its operation. The statistics of pages of facebook allow: To understand the yield of the pages To know what contents have more€¦