Content chats Google Analytics

PalmaActiva celebrates 2 years of successful trajectory of its Formative Capsules for companies and entrepreneurs and have done it with us, offering the opportunity to give a new chat us, is time the chosen subject could be barren:  the analytical Web, but has to us€¦

Google presents €œPhotos of businesses€

Google finishes presenting an extension of its well-known Google Maps service and Street View, in which it directly jumps to the interior of the businesses showing panoramic images, as a authentic virtual visits, of the businesses on the inside. This has€¦

Promotions €œ2—1€ with Magento

One of strength of the platform of electronic commerce Magento, is the capacity to generate commercial supplies, as hariamos in a traditional commerce in the real world. Promotions as discount by vol., coupons discount, 2—1,€¦ are€¦

Crisis? Please, IT INNOVATES

These are difficult times for all but for many it is not the first crisis that is taken place. It is perhaps is one of most serious than we have lived but in counterpart we are at a time where many possibilities thanks to the new technologies are opened. Now more than€¦