configuration blue package post office magento 1.7

In Craftsmen, we frequently used Magento for the projects of store online or ecommerce, by many reasons, but essentially because it is an Open Source system, and because perfectly it is oriented to optimize the sales.

In this system, the possibility exists of forming a table where to reflect the expenses of shipment, according to Weight and Destiny, and that therefore the cart automatically calculates the shipment costs, according to added products, and the address of the client.

Azul de Correos package is a very basic form - but valid in many cases, to realise the shipments of the orders that arrive us at our store online.

Here we let the instructions to you to form the tariffs of shipment of paqueter­a of Azul Correos Package, according to the tariffs of 5 of June 2012.

>> To unload shipment method blue package magento 1,7 (zip, 49 Kb)

  1. System \ Configuration \ Methods of shipment
  2. In the drop-down one of €œReach of present configuration€, above absolutely of the page, to the left, to select €œMain Website€.
  3. In Table Rates, €œTo select file€, and to locate proportionate file CSV.