Recently we have signed an agreement of collaboration with the Assoociaci³ Joves Empresaris de Balearic to offer a series of microchats or €œgratuitous Short Talks€ totally appointed to businessmen and entrepreneurs.

These chats are born from the necessity of formation that has the small one and medium businessman but that has recycle itself just a short time. They will be composed by very concrete monographic subjects related to the new technologies and centered in the use of the tools and the €œtricks€ more common to remove the maximum yield to Internet. All this in a brief space of time: 100 minutes.

First chat:

Return of my page: does my Web offer results to me?

A constructed good Web is vital if we want to obtain a greater number of visitors than they become future clients. We will see the factors by which a visitor decides if our Web is what looks for and advice offer themselves to improve the yield of the same.

_Fecha: 27 of June
100 minutes
to _Lugar: Parc Bit. Room of formation. Building Is Espanyol
_Hora: 12,00 h.
_Precio: gratuitous