This past week in the Parc Bit, concretely days 9 and 10 of April we had the opportunity to attend the Joomla! Day Majorca organized by the Joomla community de Balearic.

Joomla! Day comprises of a world-wide line of centered congresses of national reach in the project of free software Joomla. For that they do not know it Joomla! he is a manager of contents oriented to the accomplishment of webpages, as much at public level as falsified portals of Intranet, distributed as free software.

They exist another Joomla! Day in Spain but this is first that was celebrated in the Balearics and offered a unique opportunity to know better east system than in Craftsmen for some years we offer to our clients.

The sessions counted on the presence of programmers, even usuary developers and who counted their experience with this system. The waited for moment more took place during the presentation of future the new version of Joomla, that approximately within a year will happen of present version 1.5 to the 1,6, an improved version.

For Craftsmen it supposed the opportunity to know more things on the system, his extensions, plugins,€¦ that helped us without a doubt to improve this service.