Professional Hall is not past week we either wanted to lose 1er to us on electronic commerce and businesses online (Ecommretail Show) celebrated in Barcelona.

This hall reunites to the companies leaders of the sector in the matter of technology and services for ecommerce (electronic commerce) in a same area of exhibition, a great opportunity to know thorough the advantages and last new features this sector in rise.

We had the opportunity to go to several conferences related to Magento, Joomla, logistic systems of payment, other platforms for the sale, operators, etc. Really a praiseworthy effort to agglutinate in a same space all the services that derive from the creation and maintenance of a store online. Ideal for which or they have mounted a store or they have the intention to do it.

He was interesting to corroborate the possibilities that a store online correctly managed has, from the care that must be had at the time of including products until defining the last detail at the time of guaranteeing the resolution of any problem that can arise to the future buying.