We yesterday realised a chat on social networks in Palm, organized by Joves Empresaris. The circumstance that occurred that same day in different spaces they were realised another type of chats or seminaries realacionados with the subject.

When finalizing the chat talking a little with the organizers, and later between us in Craftsmen, we arrived at two interesting reflections:

First it is that €œapparently€ we are saturating the formative supply of the Island with courses related to Facebook, Twitter and other social average networks/. It is a fleeting fashion? Or really we are living a revolution that forces to us to put us to the day? In Craftsmen we showed preference for second and although it can be truth that exists an excess of supply we create, fruit of our experience, that really is necessary. This takes us to the second reflection.

Second it is that once you know the experience different businessmen who of very praiseworthy form want to bring up to date themselves, it is stated that for want of experience, some of those networks of erroneous or little appropriate form are used to give a good image of my business, becoming necessary these chats, seminaries or courses to help and to orient in their correct use

We praise that in a same day, thanks to the supply of institutions and associations, that occurred to appointment several courses related to the same subject.

I am useful to leave the connection to the document that was a constant reference in the chat: White book of IAB €“ the social means communication