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In Craftsmen we often used applications of free software to provide solutions to the needs of our clients. This offers some important advantages for the client, as it can more be a fit cost of the development, major support capacity and growth of the application and the freedom to adapt the tool to his tastes and concrete needs.

Next we indicated a list to you of the most common applications with those than we worked and his functions, although more ahead we will be publishing detailed articles of each of them:

Joomla €“ www.joomlaspanish.org
System of management of contents, and between their main virtues is the one to allow to publish the content of a website of simple way. Facility in webpages multilanguage.
Project Man | IOM | Balearic federation of Taekwondo | Official school of Podologos | Hairdressing salon Equipment | Creixer Junts

WordPress €“ http://es.wordpress.org
Another system of management of contents, mainly focused to the creation of professional blogs. Its use of international form is very extended, and so there is a great number of extensions to realise many complementary functions.
Monstres of ca meva | Cuentaconnosotros | Magazine Fissium | VbnLive

Magento €“ www.magentocommerce.com
Application oriented to the 100% to the electronic commerce. It gives as result highly efficient webpages in the sale online, with great possibilities of growth subsequent to the power of creating you subtend and different versions for each language. More information
Isla Esport | Kelum | Vinivinus

Moodle €“ www.moodle.org
According to wikipedia: €œit is a Virtual Educative Atmosphere, system of management of courses, of free distribution, that helps the educators to create learning communities in line. This type of technological platforms also knows himself as LMS (Learning Management System).€
Virtual classroom ANPE

SugarCRM €“ www.sugarcrm.com
System for the administration of the relation with the clients. In Craftsmen we used it as internal tool, installed in local servant, for the organization and management of all the companies and contacts with which we worked.

Collabtive €“ http://collabtive.o-dyn.de/
Another tool that we used of internal form. It facilitates the management of projects of collaborative form, assigning tasks to people and marking terms projects.