I confess it, I am fanboy of Google 🙂 I cannot avoid to move whenever they remove a newness to me, as recent Google TV or the continuous improvements that realise in services as Gmail or Google Docs.
But still being fan, attempt not to lose - the objectivity much, and I believe that there is to value to them as its greater profit is deserved: its finder.

This finder fulfilled 10 years recently, and is easy to be accustomed when and not giving value him to or that it works, or the great complexity of the task that carries out, that is not other than the one to facilitate excellent results to us to our searches, discriminating between trillions of possible results.

Although at this point it would surprise to me that it was somebody that does not know as its mechanism works search, here I leave a video you of own Google explaining it of simple and summarized form.

The video is in English, but it is possible to activate subtitles translated in Spanish.