Search engine optimization is not a magic trick

In the subject of search engine optimization, many myths and legend - totally erroneous exist on their operation:

  • In the positioning there are two fundamental variables: content of quality, and external liaisons.
  • He is not something that only can realise the experts. Google facilitates many help so that everybody can optimize its page in finders: Webmasters tools.
  • It is not possible to be phelp to appear first in the results.
  • Nobody can guarantee to appear to you first.
  • To pay campaigns of Adwords does not influence in your positioning.
  • It is not a short term task, but rather in the medium and long term.

Shelp this, we offer services of positioning with a vocation of help to the company, realising a task that you could do your in the long run, but for which you lack time.

We have verified experience and we handled fit budgets to your needs. We will be enchanted to take care of to you if you have some doubt.