Some examples of tools that help us to listen

Before €œera Internet €œ, knowledge which loved our clients was much more difficult. With a street business on foot, you could deduce the success of a product or campaign following the interest that provoked the showcase, for example; by the number of people who obstruct to the store, or number of sales. Sure, this could vary substantially following the location of your business, the date of the year or the month, or multitude of factors!

Now, to listen is to our reach, it is only necessary to have the will to want to do it, and much more important, to want to react according to what we listen.

And to begin to listen, we have to our disposition very simple tools (and gratuitous in its great majority):

  • Email
    Basic, truth? Then facilitimos the communication via easy email, pongamoslo and we allow to realise managements through this means.
  • Blog
    To write own contents and to obtain the feedback of our clients by means of commentaries are really interesting.
  • Facebook
    A great tool, with many possibilities to campaign centered in the client. That if, it is necessary to have well-taken care of to respect the rules and not to be too invasive.
  • Twitter
    Conversation in pure, effective and fast state. Just like on Facebook, rules exist some and it is necessary to respect them.
  • Skype
    Chat and telephone in one.
  • Bulletin of the news
    This example is not of listening properly, but by means of statistics it is easy to verify that communications have more interest between the adressees. A good tool for the shipment of newsletters or bulletin of the news is Mailchimp

Listening to your clients?