A few months ago we commented you that we were in the phase of development of a project to give the maximum diffusion in Internet to the documentary one created by the producer €œQuindrop €œ: €œThe monsters of my house €œ. This project saw the light a few months ago and its success has been unstoppable.


We knew clearly that the Web would not be sufficient to spread the project and that the social networks were the perfect channel to do it. After shuffling several options and to even discard some, we were decided by 5 channels that, each in their specialty, allowed to spread to the maximum the contents us derived from the project:

  1. Vimeo: easiest to explain, since it allowed to free raise not only documentary but the extras us of the same, interviews, unpublished sequences,€¦; and to inlay it in the webpage so that any person and of totally gratuitous form could see it, as much from the Web as directly in Vimeo. The possibility of unloading of the same was even left open.
  2. Blog in WordPress: the blog allowed to open the fan us of contents of the Web, and to speak of other things related to the documentary one, as well as of the new features of the same, their day to day.
  3. Page on Facebook: without a doubt the motor of all the mediatic repercussion that has had the documentary one in many scopes, counting at the moment with more than 1500 fans and one constant update that to date of today continues to us surprising. Any news related to the project has immediate echo on Facebook.
  4. It counts in Twitter: perhaps the used channel less but than also allows us to catch another type of public interested in the immediacy of the news, at the moment is nourished practically of the contents overturned in facebook
  5. It counts in Flickr: practically it allowed us to be able to offer graphical content in good quality.

We can say to date of today that the documentary one has been seen by thousands of people, commented by hundreds of fans in facebook, emitted in different televisions not only from autonomic character and even recently, in the New York International Independent Film Festival, one of the most important festivals of independent cinema, has obtained the best prize to documentary the international of human rights.

Who or what has motivated this success?

Doubtless the personal implication not only of the creators of documentary (Marta and Alberto) but also the one that has had one of its protagonists, who are of constant form active in different means, mainly on Facebook.

Success of good campaign in networks social depends directly on implication that we can to have in the same of form sincere and clear, since the people demand that attention and perfectly know to distinguish to which she only wants to sell or to promote a product, of that offers a quality product and that wants to obtain the feedback of its clients.

In addition it is very important to know the channel in which I am wanted to communicate and to adapt the contents to it, in this case each channel had its purpose and covered a necessity. The Web with own contents and of quality, served as starting point to the rest of channels. For that reason it is important to know how to define a strategy and that it is tried to obtain with her. In this case it was tried to give to know the documentary one and to at present put a subject that unfortunately today continues being taboo that is the infantile battering.

From Art­fices.net we are very prides to comprise of this project.