Article published for the magazine Great Company
Nº100, September 2010

Before €œera Internet €œ, knowledge which loved our clients was much more difficult. With a street business on foot, you could deduce the success of a product or campaign following the interest that provoked you showcase, by the number of people who obstruct to the store or by the number of sales.

Sure, this could vary substantially following the location of your business, the date of the year or the month, or multitude of factors!

Now, to listen is to our reach, it is only necessary to have the will to want to do it, and much more important, to want to react according to what we listen.

In order to begin to listen, the social networks are the suitable place where the businessman can take the pulse from his clients. What for many it was a fleeting fashion, the social networks have become a reference place to collate opinions, to realise recommendations, to complain, to talk, to be,€¦

This turns them into a unique opportunity to know first hand which thinks your clients. For that reason it is important to have a correct presence and to imply themselves in the communication with the users; that is to say, it is not sufficient with giving me of discharge and from time to time to leave to some opinion or commentary, but the ideal is to raise a strategy to invigorate to the users, to make pursuit and to be kind to the answers to react later based on which it is spoken there.

Multiple examples of social networks exist: Linkedln, Twitter, Tuenti, the most well-known and perhaps majority Xing€¦ but would be Facebook, that agglutinates thousands of users who on a daily basis connect themselves and who show interest by thousands of contents.

We leave one serien of recommendations that are important to have a suitable presence in these means:

  • Most important it is to contribute useful content, that the user considers that the company contributes value to him, information of his interest.
  • Not to limit to me to sell or to realise supplies since the user little by little will lose the interest.
  • To answer the users as far as possible, since therefore they will feel listened. A critic or complains well answered can be turned into something positive.
  • To propose initiatives, ideas, drawings,€¦ that they animate to participate to the users.
  • Not to be about to be in all the possible social networks. To detect where are our potential clients and to personalize the communication did they.

But we do not lose the main objective, which we want is to obtain benefits, all you are action which they try is fidelizar to your clients so that they continue acquiring your products and they recommend them to its well-known friendly and. For that reason he is recommendable to count on the help of professionals who at the outset can orient your first steps and they even train you for a correct use of these means. A professional will help you to create an suitable strategy to obtain the maximum yield.

Whichever major is you implication, more possibilities you must to obtain benefits.