We continue our collaboration with Joves Empresaris distributing the continuation of the previous seminary that also spoke on electronic Commerce. If the vision that we gave in the previous chat turned surroundings to the advantages to have a store online, the session of next day 18 of November will turn on the different forms that we must to promote it.

To have a virtual store has the advantage that we can reach million potential clients; but once realised the step more expensive than it is the creation of the same, if nobody knows of our business, will be little probable that we realise many sales.

In order to be successful with a virtual store, it is not sufficient with having a good design or offering good products, but we must try a good traffic of visits towards our store, and motivate the consumer to that it buys our products. And the form to obtain it is through the promotion.

This new seminary will be distributed the next Thursday day 18 of November and its title is: €œCONSELLS REP TO PROMOTE TEVA BOTIGA ONLINE €œ.

The inscription can be done through following mail: admin@joves.com