Search engine optimization is not a magic trick

Again VbnLive collaborates with IMFOF distributing one of the Formative Capsules that for several months are developed in Palm with the aim of which we are to the last one in enterprise formation.

This time we want to speak of search engine optimization (SEO), from a pleasant point of view and to break the eternal myths that often orient to us of form mistaken at the time of improving the results of our Web in Google:

  • I have to be first at all costs in Google in all the results?
  • I can pay to Google to be first of natural form?
  • What I can do so that my Web is found in the main finders?

All you are doubts and some plus we will solve them in this chat, really we want to tell you that: €œThe positioning is not magic thing€

We in time warned because are limited places, inscribet© to you the sooner, in addition they are totally gratuitous:

€“ Day: Tuesday 10 of May of 2001
€“ Hour: 12.30 to 13.30h.
€“ Place: Mercat de Llevant, c Manuel Aza±a, 48
€“ Inscriptions and request of information: