This year we have signed an agreement of collaboration with the Grup G¼ell to recover the Web as a place of essential information for all the supporters and participants of annual march DES G¼ell to Lluc to peu, that this year will as always leave from Place DES G¼ell Saturday 6 August.

This agreement is made up of two phases:

Finished first stage or consisted of updating the contents of the present Web with the complete information of this year, now if all the information enters the Web is, in addition in this phase also we have activated the inscription to the event online, that or counts with more than 40 enrolled ones in less than 24 hours.

The second phase will consist of the redesign of the present Web looking for a more modern image and mainly more focused the users. This phase will be developed during the next months so that this 100% operative one before the next edition.