In collaboration with the Barcena Formation, from Craftsmen we are going to distribute a formation in the system of management of WordPress contents of 8 hours.

By means of this course one is to facilitate basic knowledge in WordPress, the extended platform more for the publication of blogs and now also as management of contents for Webs. It will be learned to publish all type of contents, as much of text as of photos and videos, as well as to personalize the aspect of the Web.

It will be made essentially of practical form, working each student directly with a blog realised in WordPress, in which will be able to modify its content and design at will to practice the contents seen in the course.

Also practical advice for the correct search engine optimization of our contents will consider.


  • To install and to form WordPress for our own domain
  • To publish and to publish entrances of a blog
  • To modify and to personalize the aspect of our page
  • To form special functionalities by means of the use of €œplugins€
  • To obtain a list of resources with which to handle of independent and professional form your blog realised in WordPress

Ponte in touch with us if you are interested: Information WordPress course

Date: 7 and 8 of October 2011
Friday of 16:00 to 20:00 h and Saturday of 10 to 14h
Price: 120 ‚¬ (104‚¬ bonificables)
Place: B¡rcena Formation. C Archduke Luis Salvador, 26 971.91.78.00