The past Saturday day 19 of November was celebrated Day of Education 2,0, that as already we commented was organized by B¡rcena Formation and where we had the opportunity to collaborate developing the webpage of the event.

We went Saturday to the majority of the conferences where one struggled in depth on the use of the new technologies in the education. The great news was to see that there were great people worried and dedicated to improve the quality of education in the classrooms and that sooner or later those improvements will be applied of habitual form, still is much way to cross but what if is certain is that it has already been crossed enough. The future education it will not be able to do without these tools.

We take advantage of the occasion to congratulate to the impellers not only by the organization who was very right but by the quality of all the rapporteurs.

Carried photo and article realised by David Mart­n Suki _