Unique window for professional schools

In 2009 the call was approved Law Omnibus that supposed the modification of several state laws that affected areas among others, to the professional schools, and whose main objective was to eliminate bureaucratic ties of the sector services.

The law establishes the obligation of which the organizations schoolboy the unique window has one so that on the one hand the professionals can realise all proceedings online through an only datum point;  and the nonprofessional ones can obtain truthful basic data and of the associated ones, the schools, realise claims,€¦

From the approval of this law those are already many schools that have their unique window, but still exist enough that still do not fulfill it and run the risk of undergoing sanctions.

Fruit of our experience with our clients we can summarize the most important points that it must contain this unique window:

  • Information of the steps that must follow a professional to be associated as well as the possibility of unloading of necessary documents.
  • Deontological code of the school.
  • Listing of Associated that belongs to the school.
  • Up-to-date statutes of the school.
  • Listing of private enterprises that are derived from the professional activity of the associated ones.
  • Listing of the rest of schools and the association schoolboy to whom the school belongs.
  • As to realise consultations and Claims and to give the option to realise them from the Web.
  • Outstanding connections related to the school.


The form to implement these points will depend on each school, but these points must be present of literal form in the webpage of the school or association schoolboy. Often this information already is available of dispersed form in the Web and it is only necessary to unify it.

A simple example of application of the unique window we can find it in the Web of the General Council of Schools of Physiotherapists of Spain, that agglutinates to all the schools of physiotherapy of Spain, this implementation we have realised it from Craftsmen with the collaboration of the school and having followed his indications:

To see unique window

To add finally that is not exemption of the application of the law that the asocaici³n schoolboy obeys the law, each school separately also must offer this information.

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