Faithfuls to our annual appointment we have gone to one of the more important events of design of Spain, the MadinSpain, airborne magnetic detection 2012 is an event organized by the community of designers more important of called Spain Domestika that agglutinates around 60 thousand professionals. This event supposes a reference for the creative sector.

Through its different chats on different scopes of the design including the design Web we have had the opportunity to listen the most outstanding professionals of the sector at world-wide level (Nando Costa, Mario Eskenazi, Cuban Council,€¦) a unique opportunity to know which marks tendency in the world of the design.

Our conclusions once of return to Palm, have been very positive, and they help us to confront our projects with renewed perspective. The majority of rapporteurs spoke of the importance of understanding what wants to obtain the client with its project, all design must act a as not only to satisfy the client but to satisfy their needs, what tries to obtain with their project? , what benefits wish to obtain.

A good design does not have to concentrate in its visual impact, must consider the objective public who goes directed, the possibility that their growth is sustainable and functional, and if we concentrated in design Web in addition must have quality content.

In summary we like to participate in this type of events to improve in our work and our projects.