They have left the new help the Plan within the framework Advances 2 for the accomplishment of projects and actions of the Strategic operation of Telecommunications and Society of the Information, consequently are perfectly applicable to the development of webpages, supposing a good moment to realise an investment of these characteristics.

The directed projects are considered high-priority to drive the following lines of action:

  • Competitiveness of the SME.
  • Smart Cities and electronic administration.
  • Interoperable contents and services and without borders.
  • Services in mobility surroundings.

These help grants in the mixed modality of subsidy and loan, whenever budgetary availability exists. The minimum percentage of subsidy is of 9.5%.

From you can here obtain but data:

7 call BOE June 2012:

We consider the point most excellent the C):

c) Solutions TIC for the company.
1.º adapted Solutions TIC to the needs of the different enterprise sectors, that favor an increase in the competitiveness of the companies and the chain of value.

2.º supported Solutions of use common in technology of Cloud Computing that give service to the companies, especially SME.

3.º Solutions of new products of electronic commerce, based on the software as service and the ubiquity, that improve the strategic processes of business of the companies, and are directed especially to SME.

4.º Solutions for the help to the decision making of business. Internet v3: Big Data. To turn the problem of Big Data into a competitive advantage for the organizations.

In this inscription solutions of electronic commerce can be included as the creation of a virtual store, development of webpages,€¦ Services that we offer completely to our clients.