One of strength of the platform of electronic commerce Magento, is the capacity to generate commercial supplies, as hariamos in a traditional commerce in the real world. Promotions as discount by vol., coupons discount, 2—1,€¦ are possible and relatively easy to form.

For example, to form a supply or promotion of articles 2—1, is that simple (example realised with Magento Community version 1.7):

  1. Menu Promotions \ Rules of prices of the cart of purchases
    Rules of prices of the cart of purchases - Magento
  2. To add new rule
  3. In the section €œInformation of the rule €œ, to fill up:
    Name of the rule: name of our supply (the clients in the cart will see it)
    Description: description of our supply (he will be visible by the clients in the cart)
    State: Assets
    Groups of client: to what groups of clients affect
    Coupon: noncoupon
    Uses by client: 1 (or the wished ones)
    Rules of prices of the cart of purchases - Magento
  4. In the section €œConditions €œ: to indicate conditions if we want that the rule is only applied under specific conditions. For example, to only apply if the payment method is credit card, etc.
  5. In the section €œAction €œ:
    Here it is where really it is formed,
    To apply: to select €œBuys X and free secures and (the amount of the discount is Y).
    Amount of discount (y): 1
    Passage of amount of discount (x): 1Y to apply rules to select to what articles apply this supply.
    In the following example we have formed a rule by which buying 3 units of a product, it discounts the amount of one of the units, and the articles only can be of 2 chosen categories.
    Rules of prices of the cart of purchases - Magento


We keep and ready. Of this form the cart will calculate of automatic form the discount corresponding when being fulfilled the selected conditions.