The Christmas age usually is a little while very imporante of the year for many commerces and businesses, since a great percentage is concentrated in a few days of the total sales of the year, for this reason, it is important to use as well as possible our tools of marketing to be able to effectively communicate to our clients our promotions, services, etc.

Here we left a summary you of the most important points at the time of planning an email campaign marketing thinking about Christmas.

What we are going to communicate?

  • To identify the keys of our business
  • To sharpen the firing
  • Not to make a loaded email of contents
  • To concentrate in the important thing

How to draw attention?

  • All we are equal, all we want to send emails to them to our clients
  • We award our clients, promotions, discounts, etc.
  • Design. That it remembers to Christmas, without entering ±o±erias.

This was our congratulation of Christmas of some ago years 😉

When we are going it to send?

To plan, and if we can hit several targets, better than better.
For example:

  • An email to end of November announcing promotions
  • An email the 15 of December congratulating Christmas
  • An email 20 of December/3 of January with supplies of last moment

How we will know if we have been successful?

To measure, to measure, to measure,€¦

  • To know clearly the objectives
  • And the indicators to be able to value the success.

For example:

  • Unloading Christmas catalogue
  • Purchases online
  • Received forms
  • Etc€¦


The tool that we used for the email campaigns marketing is Mailchimp, since it allows us of agile and professional form to manage all the referring important areas to the email marketing.

The keys of Mailchimp:

  • Facility of personalisation of emails, multiple groups and tools of design
  • Ample gratuitous plan, and acceptable costs for greater volume
  • Management of subscribed, high and low. Great respect by the user.
  • Capacity of segmentation in the shipments.
  • Periodic shipments from the news of a blog.