From one of our personal projects,, we have realised an article with some useful advice for cafeterias, bars or restaurants, to improve its presence in Internet, and to help them to generate new clients through this channel.

We hope that they are from interest 🙂 to you

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Tools of visibility

If I had a bar, cafeteria, restaurant, would use the great amount of platforms and tools that offers the network me, to obtain clients and to promote my business.

It would use facebookto twitterGoogle Places11870Foursquaretripadvisor, minube,€¦ that is to say, all those platforms, gratuitous (or almost), in which I can announce my premises, his services, location, data of contact, photos, etc.

Examples of bars or cafeterias in Majorca that these means use correctly: OliviaBunker, Bar Mavi or Baroque Coffee

Not only you secure visibility in Internet, you are able to canalize the opinion of your clients, and to secure direct recommendations of the same. And if there are negative critics, you have the opportunity to find out to you first hand, and to be able to solve what it is not working correctly.

All these tools also have their version for mobiles and tablets as iPad, whose use is growing as the foam. Many tourists use their mobiles of last generation to obtain recommendations instead of the traditional and old guides of trip.

In addition, some of these platforms, as foursquare, allow of simple form to realise special promotions, as discounts to obtain new clients or fidelizar to the existing ones.

Examples: Sa RieraVinus & toast

It would announce of daily form my menu, and if I do not have a menu to the day, iria publishing my different specialties, planning and distributing the messages not to saturate my readers. A day the breakfasts, another one the sandwiches, another one cocktails, etc.

It would add in my business visible announcements good of our presence in social networks and Internet, so that those that already are usuary, add to me, and were more tie with the new features of my business. Evidently, it is necessary to have wifi in the business, to put easy the clients to him who leave a positive critic at the same moment at which they consume.

To have an own webpage is fundamental

For that they are not clients, it would arrive at them through improving the search engine optimization of my webpage through strategies SEO, if I have own webpage, and if no, already you know what touches.

Campaigns of payment by click/Adwords

It would initiate a campaign of payment by click in Adwords, with 50 Euros to begin, animating with some promotion to the clients who come by this channel which they are identified. For example: €œif you see this announcement, we invited you to the coffee of after eating€. If this investment makes me gain 50 Euros in cost of clients, to return to invest.

Shipment of newsletter/bulletin of the news

Also it would add the possibility of scoring at newsletter weekly or biweekly, where it would publish the next menus of the week, new features, events, etc. By means of tools as or feedburner is relatively simple and economic to initiate an initiative thus.


  • Social networks: Twitter, Facebook
  • Networks of geolocalizaci³n: Foursquare, Facebook you please, Google you please, 11870, minube, tripadvisor
  • Own webpage
  • Campaigns of payment by click, Adwords
  • Bulletin of the news, newsletters, with Mailchimp or Feedburner

Evidently, to begin all these initiatives simultaneously would be a madness, and more if one is not a great connoisseur of Internet means. But little by little, there are many possibilities to try to obtain new clients, by means of gratuitous tools and new platforms. In the days of crisis it is necessary to worsen I devise, and to take all the possible opportunities.