Creating your store online, many factors to consider

Ever since I began to work developing webpages had atrhelpo to me to sell in Internet, it seems to me a beautiful mixture of the world virtual and the physicist, botiguer online, that dispatches to clients from its Web, precious 🙂

It had been time thinking it, and this summer I was decided to take my own store online, taking advantage of my project

It is necessary to clarify that the main objective of this store was not to obtain a great benefit or a great volume of orders, my main objective is of knowledge, to obtain experience that to be able to transfer my clients when them development a store online.

I only have been 4 months, but with the added own experience to the one of other projects realised for clients I can offer some lessons to you that I have learned:

The technology is not as important as the management

Although it seems that it is to throw stones to me on my own tile roof, thus is. The technology necessary to develop a store online is more and more accessible, and we have several orientandos CMS on sale online of very high quality: magento, prestashop, Cart Open, Woocommerce, etc.

The technology obtains paying to a professional as it can be Craftsmen and you are guaranteed his operation, but the management is obtained by means of the experience, and is a way of long-haul. Basic things as the organization of the catalogue, the photos of products, the stock control, or the configuration of shipment methods requires a good planning and management.

Packing, everything a world

You have thought sometimes as the boxes are obtained with which the stores online make their shipments? to what no? Then I either. It is that it is not a so simple subject, few companies that dedicates to this in Majorca ask you order minimum (logically), and if you do not have a direction of the so large one half that they will have your orders, you can encontrate a little lost at the time of realising the first purchases of packing€¦ I not yet have finished it solving.

The expenses of shipment, the fish that bites the tail

To negotiate with transport companies has been all a experience. From not answering you your request for information, to visits of commercial that do not completely know the world of the sale online, you can be found of everything.

In addition, if you are a small salesman, your capacity of negotiation is very low, and the prices whom they will give you will not be as competitive as those that have great companies. Also it passes something peculiar. They sure, request a minimum volume to you of orders during the first year, when not having competitive prices of shipment, is more difficult to obtain it, and so one becomes the fish that bites the tail.

To manage a catalogue has been more time of the one than you can think

Here it depends much on your product and your volume of catalogue. Recently we advised to a client in the creation of his catalogue more than 2,000 references, and was the small madness to begin€¦ It is necessary to think that it is necessary to create complete and exhaustive cards of each product to compete with guarantees: oriented text and good description to positioning, crossed images of good quality, stock, reference, products, etc. and if the Web is in several languages and I do not want nor to tell to you€¦

It is necessary to count on this and to dedicate the necessary resources to him, or with personnel or in time to such task.

Analytical Web, fundamental

One of the main differences between a physical commerce and online is the capacity to measure. With a good strategy of analytical Web, establishing correctly the objectives and choosing the suitable indicators, we will be able to control at any moment if we go by the suitable way and if our actions have the awaited results.

In these first months I have been able to realise many adjustments in the catalogue and products thanks to the analysis of the statistics, being increased the positioning and in some cases the number of orders.