In the life we needed an objective

Eye that the title of this article goes with trap, since meciono the word €œobjectives€€¦ and well, you know clearly the objectives of your page?

In many many occasions we are ourselves seated with the client, whom it asks for to develop a webpage to us, and when asking to him as they are the objectives that must fulfill its page, does not know that to answer.

If you do not define the objectives of your page, how you will know if you are being successful with her or if it serves to you as something? We in Craftsmen are a little obsessive with the Analytical Web, and is that to be able to take referring decisions and actions to the world Web, it is not necessary to make it through €œappreciations€ or €œsensations€: we have data that can be analyzed and be helped us to make correct decisions.

Establishing objectives

To establish objectives to obtain results

Your webpage must be something more than a simple calling card online, must offer a yield, or of business directly, or attention to the client or marketing.

For example, in our own Web of Craftsmen. Our main objective is to obtain clients. And how we measured this? Essentially through our forms to put themselves in touch with us and to request budget.

Perfect, already we know clearly the objective, now it is necessary to construct the Web around the same, and not the other way around. The design elements, the structure of contents, must be oriented to that the objective can be obtained that we have marked ourselves.

Other possible objectives that podeis to mark to you in your pages:

  • To increase sales of the store online
  • To increase the level of the service to the client (greater information of products and services, guarantees, attention)
  • To know the preferences our users to give better service.
  • To give to visibility to the product catalogue/services increasing the traffic of our Web
  • To be able subscribers to a bulletin of the news fidelizar clients

To measure and to verify our attainment of objectives

The analytical Web would have to be a routine, to incorporate it to the day to day.

Now that already we have the defined objectives, and our prepared Web to obtain them, is called on the turn to see if we are doing it well. And to do this we must measure. To measure with a tool of statistics Web how it can be Google Analytics.

In this gratuitous tool of Google it is possible of very simple form to form the objectives of our webpage, thus to be able to see the data of the statistics in the context that interests to us: if our expectations are being fulfilled.

The field of the analytical Web is very ample and something complex - although exciting, at least for us 😉 -, and so I am going to give some advice to you to begin to measure and not to lose itself enters immensity of data and information.

  1. To make a hypothesis. For example, €œmaking greater the button ask for budget without commitment, I will secure a greater number of conversions (shipments of the form).
  2. To decide that indicating I am going to use to measure results. For example, the rate of conversion, that is the relation between the number of filled in forms and the number of visits. Whatever less indicators we choose, better. Google analytics offers an immensity to us of data and information, but we concentrated in the indicators that interest to us, we will gain time and we will concentrate in results.
  3. We will measure during a time (days, weeks, months, according to our volume of traffic), and will segment the data according to the origin: visits from finders, social networks, by language, country, etc following the direction of our business and objectives.
  4. And with the obtained results, we will return to raise new hypotheses and action.

In future articles we will be extending information of how removing the maximum party to tools as Google Analytics.