It is necessary to plan itself

Good, in fact, as regards the business, the planning is vital. Every time we move in more competitive surroundings, and is necessary to be very agile and fast, and so there is to know very clearly all the procedures, and to plan to the maximum in the measurement that is possible.

Concretely in the subject of promotions and campaigns that affect to a store online, we can be seen overflowed if we have not made the duties in time and we have planned ourselves in due time. For example, the campaign of Christmas or special promotions as blackfriday or Mother's Day, father and similars€¦

These are some of the tasks to consider, at least some of which they affect in my ecommerce Cafyemas Store:

  • To decide conditions with suppliers, for verifying that they will have stock, that the margins are advisable
  • To update catalogue with new prices, images of product
  • To form promotions, discounts by vol., by a limited term, coupons of discount, etc
  • To design image of the campaign and its applications according to its location: cover of the Web, inner pages.
  • Programming of messages in social networks
  • Email marketing, content and image of the email, adressees
  • Marketing of contents, in our blog and collaborator
  • And everything properly labelling to be able to measure the success of the campaign.