To form Experiments of content in Google AnalyticsThe analytical Web is fundamental for any project Web, but in addition your business is a store online, ecommerce, then already it becomes a fundamental pillar of your daily management.

A tool not very used in the SMEs that I know with stores online, is Test A/B. Of what these consist tests or experiments? Very simple.

Extension Magento to form tests A/BOne is simultaneously to publish in the Web two versions of a same content. For example, a card of a product, with two versions different from title of the product, description of the same, and images. The system of Test is in charge of automatic form to show the users who visit the Web the two versions of random form. Later to offer real data to us of as of the two versions they have given better result us, that is to say, what both has helped us to sell more.

Recently an extension for the CMS specialized in ecommerce Magento has been published, to help us to form this type of Tests.

[ilink url=€€ style=€ download€] Convert Experiments [/ilink]


You intention to try, and if teneis some doubt I will be enchanted to help 😉 you