What is does a Panel and why serve?

The panels are an option that offers Google Analytics us, to be able to form and to personalize the information that we want to see of a whole joint of statistics.

The temptation and to be looking at information and information and information€¦ within tools as Google Analytics is very great, but very little profitable for our companies. If we have made a good analysis of our objectives, we will know that indicating they are important for our business, and in that we must ourselves fix and concentrate to obtain better results.

I removed the idea from Dashboardjunkie, Web where they share panels for Google Analytics, designed for specific cases, as Blogs, social average, sale online,€¦ From Craftsmen we have adapted them from our translated experience and to Castilian 😉

To add them to your account of Google Analytics is very simple:

  1. Beam click on the name of the panel that you wish to add to your profile
  2. A window will be opened soliciing that you choose a concrete profile of one of your accounts of Google Analytics
  3. And ready


For all type of Webs:

Initial datas of visitors

Panel who shows basic information on your visitors, as far as origin, type of device which they use or how they have found you.

Initial datas of visitors

Indicators of social average

If you use the social networks to promote your business, this panel you can be of much utility. Recommendable to have formed in your Web bellboys to share in social means.

Indicators of social average

For salesmen online:

Control Panel for SEO and sales

In the world of ecommerce, the traffic from finders is vital. With this panel you will be able to control that words are those that generate majors income and as to improve the positioning of your store online.

Control Panel for SEO and sales

Panel of sales

General look to the sales and orders of your business online, sold and asked for products more, more profitable campaigns, etc.

Everything on the sales

For blogs:

Indicators for bloggers (corporative or personal)

Interesting data on your the consumed and shared readers and contents more in social networks

Special indicators for blogs